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Do you want to inspect your garage door?

Read here useful information and get the best maintenance tips.

Avoid getting aluminum doors

Aluminum overhead doors are great for those who have minimum expectations but if you want to really protect your home and ensure safety, the experts of our business in Elmsford would suggest choosing a stronger material. Aluminum is very soft and, although it doesn't erode and is resistant to elements, you will constantly need to fix its dents.

Paint the door to protect it

If you want to make the garage door more resistant to elements, paint it often. The varnish will create a thick coat of protection against any weather. When you paint the garage door, make sure to apply special undercoats for resistance before the final color. Scrub off the old painting beforehand with soft sandpaper.

How to maintain wood doors

Wood garage doors can be cleaned with the use of some mild detergents diluted in water. Though, you need to pay attention to worn parts on the surface and after the door is completely dry, apply oil based primers and complete with finish coatings. If the old painting is peeling off, make sure to scrub them off first.

Do not procrastinate repairs

Homeowners tend to procrastinate the repair of their garage door, especially if it still works anyway. However, allowing minor damages to remain unrepaired can make it grow bigger and could worsen. Having any damage repaired right away can save you money in the long run because it is cheaper to fix a small problem than a big one.

Disconnect the opener before providing garage door maintenance

You should unplug the cable from the power source to ensure the door will not start moving all of a sudden while you are providing cleaning or lubrication. This is an important measure for preventing accidents which can lead to serious injury. Once you are done, connect the device to the electric grid again.

Garage Door Repair Elmsford

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