Garage Door Repair Elmsford
Garage Door Repair Elmsford
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Why do garage doors need services?

Garage door mechanisms are sensitive and do a very hard work. They are made to last for a specific period of time and their lifespan will be prolonged with garage door repair. When they are lubricated properly, they will work better, insist our experts in Elmsford.

Can I keep the same components when replacing the door?

The choice of whether some garage door parts would need to be replaced when you're replacing the old door would depend on the weight of the new panel. If the door is heavier, you'll need to change some parts to ensure good operation.

Why are commercial openers different?

Garage door openers manufactured for commercial use are more powerful in order to withstand the heavy duty of commercial garage doors. After all, commercial garage systems might be more complex and the doors are usually much heavier according to our specialists in Elmsford and that's why they need special openers usually of 1 or ¾ horsepower.

Garage Door Repair Elmsford

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