Garage Door Repair Elmsford
Garage Door Repair Elmsford
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Garage Door Company And Contractor

Our major company is top for residential garage door maintenance service! We pay attention to details and make sure all parts are lubricated

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Garage Door Service

We repair and replace garage door of all brands, offer emergency services and are experienced with all models

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Garage Door Opener

Our technicians are garage door opener specialists, as they can handle and repair opener units of all makes and models.

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Garage Door Repair Elmsford

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We are proud to have the most dedicated and experienced personnel in New York and new generation equipment for fast, top quality garage door repair services. We are experts in commercial and residential mechanisms and offer 24 hour emergency repair services.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Saw Mill River Rd
Elmsford, New York
Zip code: 10523

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Experienced garage door contractors in Elmsford offering full garage door service.


From fixing unexpected problems to making major improvements, "Garage Door Repair Elmsford", provides it all for customers. Our professional services are of the highest quality thanks to the expertise of dedicated technicians and to the excellent facilities we possess that provide repair, replacement, and maintenance alongside same day emergency assistance. We adeptly service doors and electric operators of all brands without exception.


Garage Door Repair Services

We Promise Fast Response and Efficient Work


Even the most complex tasks such as broken garage track fix are completed swiftly and effectively by skilled and experienced specialists. Assuredly, all team members stay up to date with the latest innovations in the industry through ongoing professional training.  Crews are fully equipped in replacing any component from broken spring and cable to the damaged trolley of an opener. Technicians in New York are experts in the replacement of panels, windows and provide a highly specific fix even in urgent situations. All emergencies are dealt with in a timely and reliable manner.


When it is time for a new door, opener or both, rely on us to complete the entire replacement project perfectly within the shortest time. From panel painting to remote control programming, we do it all and our garage door maintenance service is suitable for both new and existing systems. As a fully comprehensive service it helps to prevent serious issues and accidents while extending the useful life of the system.


What we want everyone to remember is that we are always available to help. If you notice any overhead door issues, you simply need to reach us we resolve them. Our friendly team will answer all questions and provide the required solutions.


*Why is the door sticking? This typically happens due to obstructions in the tracks. One or both of these components may be bent. The problem may also be due to lack of proper lubrication maintenance. The inspection by professionals pinpoints the precise cause of the issue and provides the required fix which can range from applying lubricant to track replacement.


* Is peeling paint a serious issue? Yes it is, since the panels no longer have a protective layer. Expert technicians will clean the garage door panels and prepare them for the application of top-quality exterior-grade paint.  Garage Door Repair Elmsford, New York


The resolution of problems is our core professional activity. At the same time, garage door repair company in Elmsford has always been dedicated to issue and accident prevention. We achieve optimal system operation, safety, and convenience for customers via our first –rate maintenance service. One of its main components is testing. The three main tests performed enable us to pinpoint and eliminate serious causes for concern. Learn more about the tests.


* Spring balance testing - For this, our technicians disengage the opener, lift the door manually up to the middle of the frame and, let it go. If the unit moves up or down instead of staying in its position, the team will readjust the torsion coil trampoline spring so it has the right amount of force for counterbalancing the door.


* Safety sensor testing - In this case, specialists open the door fully and place an object in front of one of the sensors so that the infrared beam is blocked. When the closing function is engaged, the door must not move from its position. If it does, the faulty sensors will be fixed or replaced.


* Safety reversal testing - With this test, only the opener's reversal mechanism is tested and not the sensors. The crew places a two-sided ladder which does not block these devices under the open door and starts the closing process. If the door does not reverse upon touching the top of the ladder, the technicians will provide the required garage door opener repair.


Choose us for the best professional service from a leading contractor.

Garage Door Repair Elmsford

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