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Problems with your garage door openers

01/04/2014 Back To Blog

Different things can cause garage door opener problems. It does not make a difference if they are have mechanical or electrical openers for your door, they will have moving components that need lubricated. Moving parts can wear and break. These parts are integral to the opening and closing of your door. The purpose of the door openers is to work with the door springs to lift the door. If you have electrical garage door openers, you may have other considerations around maintaining your safety while working with electricity. You can normally carry out most garage door opener maintenance yourself once you have identified the problem.

Problems with the sensors

If the door does not return to its normal closed position, then there can be problems with the door sensors. If you have a Genie Intellicode remote or other garage opener remote, you may need to arrange for a contractor to help you with it. If the sensors are damaged or blocked, then they will prevent the door from closing unless the operator overrides the sensor by using the wall switch.

Making adjustments

Sometimes all that is required is some simple adjustments to the door openers by tightening screws. If other components, such as the garage door springs, are damaged, then they will need to be replaced. Be wary of working with the springs, as they should only be removed when they are not in a state of tension; otherwise, you risk serious injury. The level of tension can normally be adjusted until the door lifts easily without distorting the movement of the door panel.

The last resort

Only if all attempts have been made to repair the openers or other defective components will it be necessary to replace the openers. If you have a Chamberlain garage door opener, for example, then it is best to replace it with one from the manufacturer, as it will be compatible with the door and its components. Garage doors that are more than 20 years old will not need modern safety standards, so it may be difficult to find replacement parts. There are different styles and types of openers for your garage, so you will be advised to ask garage door repair in Elmsford for expert advice on your options.

If you purchase new parts to fit yourself, then you should take time to work through the instructions that come with them. In no time, your garage door problems will be over.

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